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Flexibility is our primary service to our customers.

  • We do the utmost possible to deliver precisely what the customer ordered and in the agreed leadtime. Customer services is our primary priority.

  • Ravico is fully committed to Food Safety. We ensure that every product we supply is produced to the very highest quality and ethical standards are correctly labelled and fully traceable.

  • We offer a wide range of products in the food service business. We don't do finished products but we offer chefs all they need to make their own dessert. For instance in our range we have the chocolate cups, the mousse mixes to fill the cup and the chocolate decoration to make the dessert attractive. All products are available separately but combined together let the chef inspiration come into play to make delicious desserts in a minimum of time.

  • We’re proud of the relationships we have built up through the years with both our suppliers and customers. We do not mind starting slow and build a long standing growing relation throughout the years. Our Minimum order quantity are as low as possible and driven mostly by logistic costs.

  • If you look for specific products for your market, we can help you source them from local supplier which don't do export. This is particularily interesting for small artisanal belgian food manufacturer that are not well known at export but produce high quality belgian products.

  • If you buy products from us already we can easily consolidate shipment from other suppliers in Europe to lower your logistic costs.
    We also have logistic open lanes to Asia and the United States of America. As a belgian or European food producer, if you want to introduce your product in these markets, we can help.

  • We can manage the transport and the custom formalities for our customers. We aim to maximise container or truck loads to keep the transport costs as low as possible. Ravico has been accredited by the Belgian customs as a place of loading and unloading with custom formalities on site

  • We can do private labels, we design and print our colour labels on site and we can thus save you the costs of high preprinted label stocks. Labels will always be in your own language or at least in English. Labels are also made according to your market labelling requirement. Contact our design department for our labelling requirement.

  • Our research and development department is able to adapt existing recipe or create new recipes suitable for your own market.

  • We provide consultancy services. It may be teaching our customer our experience to make specific recipe with our products,
    making demonstration of our products at specific foodshows or during customer's private events to train sales reprensentatives or potential customers, or simply assisting customers to solve problems on their own site.
    We also demonstrate products/recipes during customer visits in our premises in our own laboratory.




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email: info@ravico.com

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Corporate address: Scheersmolendreef, 34 - 1840 Londerzeel - Belgium



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