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Welcome to RAVICO

Ravico was founded in 1907 providing food supplies to the Belgian Colonies. The name comes from the french “Ravitaillement Colonial”
Today, this 100% family owned company has expanded the business to produce and export a full range of Belgian Specialities all over the world through many importers/distributors. Our products are fresh and ambiant with packaging designed for long travel and long shelf life mainly targetted to Catering, Industry and Food Services.
In 2009 Ravico took over the production line of the GUMPERT company manufacturing well known bakery ingredients.
In 2013 Ravico took over the company Ellphi Development® to further develop our "low sugar product range".

Our main ranges are:

  • Chocolate (from couverture to decoration through cups, ...)
  • Sugars (Ingredients, pearl sugar, candy syrup, decoration sugar, icing sugars, rock candies, ...)
  • Pastries (Puff, pastries, wafer baskets, tartlets, ...)
  • Fruit toppings,
  • Bakery mixes,
  • Sugar replacement: we produce our own sugar replacement (ellphi) for use in the bakery.
    More information can be found on the Ellphi website

Throughout the years we created a network of importers and distributors worldwide. We value long standing relationships with our importers/distributors/customers.

RAVICO USA was created in 2008.
Ravico USA head office is in Towson, MD and have inventories on both the East coast and West coast of the USA.

RAVICO China was created in 2009.
Ravico China head office is in Shanghai and regular containers are shipped from Belgium to supply goods to the China market.

RAVICO Japan was created in 2011.
Ravico Japan head office is in Kobe. the Japanese market seeks more high class typical belgian specialties

RAVICO Belgium deals with the importers and distributors in the rest of the world from the Belgium offices. Ireland, United Kindgom, Korea, Australia, Spain, Greece, France, Norway are our main markets. We attend the major wolrwide food shows to exhibits our ranges.


Contact us:

ph: +32.52.319.420
fax: +32.52.319.429

Find us

Registred address: Rue Tilmont, 64 - 1090 Brussels - Belgium
Corporate address: Scheersmolendreef, 34 - 1840 Londerzeel - Belgium




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VAT: BE402.823.875

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